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Waterproof Rubber Adhesive Repair Tape

White (3.9" * 59.8")
White (7.9" * 59.8")
Black (3.9" * 59.8")
Black (7.9" * 59.8")
Our high performance tape is a super strong and waterproof tool that can repair,glue, seal almost anything! 😮😮
Formulated with a thick, elastic, rubberized pad, it easily adapts to any shape or item.


  • A must-have for houseowners: Rubberized waterproof tape is the perfect solution for exterior and interior sealing requirements - from leaking roofs and gutters to weathered sheds, garages, barns and outbuildings.

  • 100% waterproof seal keeps you dry: Beat this tape on a damp and leaking hole or crack and notice that it not only sticks immediately, but also seals tightly and stops the water flow at the source. Designed for use inside or outside of above ground pools, water tanks, barrels and storage tanks holding liquid or moisture storage.

  • Extremely weather-resistant: The rubberized waterproof tape has been specially designed for harsh weather conditions year-round, from freezing and wet rain to bright sunshine and blazing heat near fireplaces and wood stoves. Resistant to mildew, mildew, smoke, flames and temperatures from -70 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • You can fix almost anything with it. Patch large holes, cracks and gaps.
  • Wide range of applications: With the repair tape, you can immediately seal a spot of water, air and moisture, creating a super-strong, flexible and waterproof shelter.
  • Multipurpose: The unique design of a thick, flexible, rubberized back allows the tape to be used for any shape or object.
  • Suitable: Hot / Cold / Wet / Dry / Under Water
  • Temperature resistant: from -21 ℃ to 93 ℃

How to use:


    • Material: UV-resistant, environmentally friendly & VOC-free
    • Color: black, white
    • Size: 3.9" * 59.8" / 7.9" * 59.8" 


    • For maximum adhesion to porous surfaces, adhesives can better adhere to the surface with a standard hair dryer.
    • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may differ slightly from the color shown on the pictures.


      • 1 * Merryferris™ Waterproof Rubber Adhesive Repair Tape